Is it OK to leave a window AC in the window over the winter?

I live in NYC, small apartment. I don't really have anywhere to store my window AC. Is it OK to leave it there or will it get damaged?

6 thoughts on “Is it OK to leave a window AC in the window over the winter?

  1. It will not get damaged, but it will look ugly and let the cold air in through and around it. I put mine in the back of the closet.

  2. It won’t get damaged, but you’ll be fighting cold drafts of air coming in around and through it.

    As a reminder, a window air conditioner is an ideal entry point for burglars and intruders.

  3. it’s fine. if you can access it from the outside, put a cover on it. just to keep the cold air from coming in you house.

  4. No problem leaving it there although you should cover it tightly to prevent cold air from getting through it. The cold will not damage the unit but some cold air will get through it.

  5. It is fine to leave it in the window, just buy a cover for it. If you can’t cover it you can get some clear plastic to cover the inside at a hardware store.

  6. its gunna be cold and drafty in that area. if its over a radiator u can try to leave it. You can always change your mind.

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