What is the most efficient way to run window AC units?

I live in a 2 story home. We have 4 different window AC units in 4 different rooms. Obviously we aren't in all four rooms at the same time, but we do use all 4 areas at different times throughout the day. I am wondering if it is more energy efficient to keep all 4 running at a low setting to keep the whole house at a constant temperature. Or would it be better to turn the units off and on according to when we are in each area of the house.

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  1. set all of them on enegy saver if they have that feature…this will shut down the fan when the compressor shuts down..as you may know the fan tends to run all the time while the compressor will shut down every now and then..its best to fix it where they both will shut down ..thats what the energy saver does…also keep each door to each room shut when not in use.the ac will run less sort of like a refrigerator will shut down if left closed. whatever you do DONT shut them off and cut them on when you come home..it takes more energy to cool everything back off than to just leave them units on..Finally turn back the thermostats a little..no since in having it sub zero in the house ..learn to live with 78 degrees instead of 70

  2. Without losing much comfort, pick a temperature, like 78 or 80, for a “when not in this room” setting, and set all air conditioners at that temperature when you are not in that room.

    When you enter a room you plan to be in for a long period of time, change the temperature to a more comfortable setting. That way you will be manually doing what those electronic offset thermostats do when programmed to set the temperature to a higher temperature automatically at pre-determined times you expect not to be at home, or sleeping, when you might not feel the difference. Keep the doors closed when in the cooler room, so you do not lose the benefits to other rooms. Also, check for possible ways to better insulate, and prevent air loss through poorly sealed windows and exterior doors.

    The key to less electric expense is turning the unit “off” when you are not there to enjoy the benefits of having it “on”. But, turning it completely off, and letting the house get too hot, will take it too long to cool the house back to a comfortable temperature.

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